Hi, I am Kristen, co-owner of Rad-A-Tattoo! My favorite tat is the Batman Tat! I took over Rad-A-Tattoo in July of 2012 and have been helping make kids and adults smile ever since. I am a full time high school Physical Education/Health teacher and I currently reside in beautiful Charlotte, NC. I am in charge of all of the behind the scenes work with Rad-A-Tattoo and it is me that you will speak with when you call. My sister Kelly, who is also an artist, is in charge of all the hands on work of the business back home in Michigan.  In my spare time, I love coaching my volleyball team, playing volleyball and softball, hanging out with my furbaby, Zuno, and being around friends and family. Thank you for reading and for bringing Rad-A-Tattoo to your event!



The ladybug!!! It’s by far my favorite tattoo because it’s so cute and I call my kids bug all the time! I have a 16 month old son at home and we are expecting our second baby this fall! Maybe a ladybug? Maybe a Mr bug? When I started college, I wanted to be an art teacher but realized it might be harder to find a job so I adjusted to Elementary Ed., graduated in 2006 but decided to continue nannying until I found a teaching job. I got married to my best friend and decided to continue nannying and staying with my kids! I love Radatattoo because it gives me the opportunity to experience more art and to stay at home during the days with my kids! My son and I love painting and crafting at home, I can’t wait to give him his first air brush tattoo!


Katie Sewick

Katie Sewick is a passionate gardener who also owns her own antique booth in Eastern Market. She has her BA in Fashion Merchandising from Madonna University. Working for Radatattoo really lets her creativity shine through. She enjoys working with the kids and seeing their excitement. Even though the Dinosaur tattoo is her favorite, she likes doing any tat rainbow style.

With a passion for “green living”, in her free time she likes to repurpose found items, make her own beauty and cleaning products and spend time with her boyfriend and their dog Mia.



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